The Somali Cat Club Wins the GCCF Rescue Award for 2015

Gala certificate

The Somali Cat Club Rescue and Welfare team (Alison Lyall, Emma Watts and Di Taylor) are delighted and humbled to win this wonderful award and are touched by the recognition of their efforts that this implies. As do all Club Rescues, we just try to get on and do our best for those Somalis who fall on hard times through no fault of their own.

We are fortunate as a small breed club that Somalis inspire extreme loyalty in those who have owned them and in all cases over the last twenty years since we have been in existence, we rarely have trouble finding the perfect home for those cats who need to move on. We are firm believers in serendipity, as the ideal home always seems to turn up eventually for even the most difficult of our furry customers. We were very lucky to be left a generous legacy a few years ago which enabled us to build two units for any cat needing interim accommodation at Di Taylor’s cattery, thus giving those cats the benefit of her many years of experience in all aspects of feline care and behaviour.

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