A message for all Somali Breeders Worldwide


I am writing to you all as Secretary of The Somali Cat Club. We are at present where ever you are in the world living with unprecedented conditions. I am going to do a Boris Johnson and advise certain actions I hope that you will pay attention to the advice offered and the reasons behind it.

I advise for the present you do not mate your queens, stud owners should not accept outside queens for mating. Obviously there are kittens already born and some quite literally in the pipeline but breeders in this position had no idea what was facing us this month and beyond.

People visiting to view kittens and meet your cats can no longer happen in the UK until restrictions are lifted and that may be the case for many weeks to come. Every visitor you have is a potential risk to your health and therefore a risk if you should fall ill who will look after your cats?

The economy is in tatters, people will lose jobs and their finances will be significantly reduced therefore the sales of kittens will plummet. When selling a kitten please be vigilant and make sure it is a forever home the baby is going to. I know that some breeders may find they have older kittens still waiting to be homed and this may give temptation to sell to people who are not suitable. It may even be a problem to get routine vaccination completed as vets will concentrate on emergency work only.

I am concerned that there will be an upsurge in welfare cases and the Somali Welfare Trust will only be able to cope with the most deserving cases. I urge you to act responsibly and suspend breeding for a while to prevent a backlog of kittens as the welfare of our cats and kittens is paramount.

The Somali Cat Club has always led the way and this situation is something none of us have ever experienced. I hope that other clubs and breeders will follow our example. In the meantime please all stay safe and keep in touch with each other either by phone or in the modern world of technology.

Best wishes to all Di Taylor Hon Sec SCC
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