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Below is all the information you need to get your cats tested for PK Def in the USA

Important Information


Somalis that are to be tested must be tested by & also the tests posted by your vet, it is highly recommended that you have the cat micro chipped/tattooed before testing as the Somali breed policy has changed to include the PK Def status of Somali cats & this is the only way that identification can be accepted.

(Very young kittens cannot be micro chipped so may have to be tested at a later date)



For UC Davis your vet would have to log into the UC Davis website and use his/her own name and address (Your name or prefix in brackets after could be used for identification).

The person testing provides the buccal swabs - although Johnson's Cotton Buds or Q-Tips are fine, no other makes are accepted.

"What to do when sending samples to the USA"

you need to make sure all the correct paperwork is sent from your vet this includes

Click on the blue text for the forms

1. A Proforma Invoice

this need to be attached to the outside of the packet and clearly visible

for Customs to read in it's entirety

2. Somali BAC PK Deficiency Test Form


For Pennsylvania University you will need the forms below

1. PK Deficiency DNA Test Submission Form

this is filled in online by your vet then printed as well as submitted to the University electronically

2. The credit card information form

Please print off the information from the links below & take to your vets also



For the University of California Davis follow the link below


Please if you have any queries over this please contact a member of the Somali Committee